Streamlining the Assessment of
environmental effects of Wave Energy

About the Project

The aim of the SafeWAVE project consists of overcoming some of the non-technological barriers that could hinder the future development of Ocean Energy, one of the main pillars of the EU Blue Growth strategy: (i) environmental risk and uncertainty about the potential environmental impacts of wave energy (WE) developments; (ii) the need for a Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) approach to overcome the potential competition and conflicts between WE and other marine users; (iii) complex and long consenting processes and (iv) opposition among host communities of future WE deployments. Ocean energy can provide clean, predictable, indigenous and reliable energy and contribute to the EU’s objective of reaching a share of renewables of at least 32% of the EU’s gross final consumption by 2030.

News and Events

Interesting developments are taken place in the SafeWAVE project!

On the 4th and 5th of May RTSYS and ECN carried out a 2-days campaign at the CentraleNantes offshore

Underwater acoustic monitoring in BiMEP

The monitoring campaigns of the SafeWAVE project around wave energy devices operating in real conditions have started this summer.